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Dear Colleagues,


thank you for your interest in the free ABx web program.


Please select one of the three user types below. As an individual user, you can use Abx anonymously without membership to a station or clinic. As “user with station access” you have the possibility to use ABx-Locals. The head of your ICU (senior physician / chief physician) may deposit station-specific standards (eg. resistance statistics, phone numbers or SOPs) in addition to the evidence-based treatment recommendations. These locals are only accessible to registered users of your group.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us (abx-team@charite.de).

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Individual User

User with station access

Station administrator


User without membership to a station

User with membership to a station, who want to be added to this station

Only for heads of a station

Look at the evidence-based guidelines for anti-infective therapy

Use infection pathways to find the diagnosis and therapy

Look at detailed information on anti-infectives, diagnostics and pathogen

Look at„ABx locals“ (if entered)
e.g. info to:

  • Local resistance statistics
  • Clinic intern standards
  • Contact persons (phone numbers) e.g. of the microbiology or infectiology
  • Running studies

Enter „ABx locals“